Our Story

The Mellow Turtle

Over the years through travelling for both business and pleasure, I have come to look more closely at things both in and beyond the normal tourist destinations. Many cultures embrace and respect the natural environment, as it’s paramount to their survival. I have also seen how many communities value their own wellbeing just as important as the overall wellbeing of their environments.

Having swam with a turtle in the ocean and watched them closely on the beach it became very apparent how resilient they are. From the time they hatch and instinctively hurry towards the ocean, made me think that we are much like them. We all have challenges and major obstacles to get over but sometimes we don’t know how to do it.

Over time, I have learnt different ways to keep healthy and improve my wellbeing as both go hand in hand. In order to improve our health and wellbeing we need to ensure that we all continue to protect the environment and the communities across the globe because everything around us is connected one way or another.

Mellow Turtle was born to help us become healthier while taking care of our environment worldwide. We will share different expert advice on health and wellness on Mellow Turtle’s website, where you can join our growing healthy and caring community.

Slow down, take a deep breath and take time for you.

Mellow Turtle also supports local and national health, environmental, and social impact charities using a percentage of funds from the online shop purchases.

Our Story

Having spent many years working in the corporate and business world, I realised that the fast pace of working was not doing me any good. Too often being busy or stressed meant skipping meals and not taking enough time to energise my mind and body.

I have been lucky enough to meet many people throughout the UK and overseas and have learned that this a widespread and common problem. How do we ensure that during the busy times in our lives we are taking care of ourselves enabling us to function and perform at our best?

Over two decades I have learned from nutritionists, dietitians and doctors what is needed for my health and well-being each day. Above all else, I prioritise seasonal nutritional food. This is supported by vitamins and mineral supplements which our bodies do not necessarily get directly from food or our environment.

Witnessing family and friends struggle with their physical and mental health has ignited a desire within me to share the helpful and valuable knowledge I’ve learned.

This includes ways to improve our health and wellbeing for ourselves, our families, and pets too. This is with the aim of boosting the immune system and helping to ease and manage certain health conditions.

Probably the most important lesson is to slow down and take time for you!

Mellow Turtle’s online shop sells health, wellness, and lifestyle products that my family, friends, and I have found helpful, and enjoy.

As natural, ethical and sustainable products have always been at the forefront of what my wife and I purchase, we have partnered with UK based companies with a reputation of caring for the environment, people, and animals. We are bringing products to you that have a positive impact on our environment and support communities all within Mellow Turtle’s online shops.

We are based in Barnard Castle, a beautiful market town in County Durham, UK.

Our growing collections currently includes products for:

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We’d love you to join our growing community of people taking time for themselves and others.