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Our Story

Over the years through travelling for both business and pleasure, I have come to look more closely at things both in and beyond the normal tourist destinations. Understanding different cultures, ways of living, the different relationships individuals and communities have with each other and the environment makes one think deeper into the real meaning of what is around us.

We can ask - how do we achieve a good and meaningful relationship with ourselves and with our immediate surrounding and the environment? Suffice to say that most of us lead very busy lives. Whether it is juggling work and family, work and life, home and family or sometimes just life! For us to have a good and meaningful relationship with others as well as the environment we need to first have a good and meaningful relationship with ourselves. You need to take care of You. Your health and wellbeing are paramount so you can be a positive in someone else’s life.

During one of my trips I swam with a turtle in the ocean, and as I watched them closely on the beach it became very apparent how resilient these magnificent creatures are. From the time they hatch and instinctively hurry towards the ocean, made me think that we are much like them. We all have challenges and major obstacles to get over even in our immediate surroundings. We need to be healthy both in body and mind to deal with these obstacles, while supporting those around us. We try our best to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but with a busy lifestyle this is not always straight forward.

Mellow Turtle was started with the aim of supporting individuals and their pets who are seeking a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy and being active, but like us needing support from quality supplements. Ensuring that our body is getting all the nutrients it requires all the time enables us to function and perform at our best. By achieving this we are able to improve our health and wellbeing, improve our immune systems, manage certain health conditions for ourselves, our families, and pets too.

As our physical health goes hand in hand with our mental wellbeing we have also chosen premium grade wellbeing oils and products to support you along the way. We are also proud to say that our supplements are manufactured in the UK and many of our aromatherapy products are handmade and manufactured in the UK as we strive to protect our environment.

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