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Bathing & Relaxation

Keep Calm and Keep Washing

Most soaps and shampoo’s today are made from 80% water. This has a high negative impact on our environment and climate as a whole.

It has always been important to keep our hands clean throughout the day, more so during this challenging time. Soaps can leave our skin feeling dry with all the chemicals that they are made from. Mellow Turtle soap ranges are handcrafted, vegan, and provides the extra moisturising properties that will help keep your hands and skin clean, fresh and hydrated. Our soaps and solid shampoos come in loaves which saves on the number of times you shop saving time, money, and the environment of course!

Relax and enjoy our long lasting loaves  and refreshing shampoos

To make it easy to cut the loaves into bars we recommend one of our sturdy carved wooden.

After bathing relax and unwind with one of our aromatic wheat bags.