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Wheatgerm 100ml Pure Base Oil

Wheatgerm 100ml Pure Base Oil

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Wheatgerm Base Oil is ideal for diluting essential oils before using them on skin.

Botanical Name: Triticum Vulgare.

Wheatgerm Oil is extracted from the kernel of the wheat grain.

Wheatgerm Oil is a great source of Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant that may soothe dry skin conditions providing deep nourishment. It's regenerative properties found in the nutrients and vitamins may help soften damaged skin such as with stretch marks.

Premature signs of ageing are often a result of damage by either free radicals or through prolonged sun exposure. This may then result in the breakdown of collagen in the skin and lead to premature ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. The high content of vitamin E found in wheat germ oil may help in the reduction of premature ageing.

Colour and odour: a golden yellow to orange colour with an intensive wheat scent 

Texture: very rich (suitable as a base oil for massages, best mixed with other oils)

Our Wheatgerm Base Oil is studiously selected, Made by cold pressed extraction method.

All our base oils are 100% natural pure oil

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