Tropical Paradise Soap Variety Pack (Pineapple, Pomelo, Strawberry, Watermelon) of 4 SLICES - 400g

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Our range of Tropical Paradise Soap Loaves are handmade using premium ingredients with tropical fruit scents. Your hands, body and soul will feel cleansed, nourished and moisturised.

This variety pack of 4 includes:

Tropical Paradise Soap Pineapple - SLICE 100g
Tropical Paradise Soap Pomelo - SLICE 100g
Tropical Paradise Soap Strawberry - SLICE 100g
Tropical Paradise Soap Watermelon - SLICE 100g

MIX IT UP! If you'd like to swap soaps for other ones in this collection, please state which ones in the Notes area of your order.

Soap slices are sold wrapped individually in waxed paper with an ingredients label and weigh approximately 100g each.

PLEASE NOTE: Our soaps are hand-made, the colour or design may slightly vary from the pictures shown.