Col-Flush Ultra 100 Capsules

Col-Flush Ultra 100 Capsules

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COL-Flush Ultra is a well known mild, gentle and effective natural laxative colon cleanser as used by many colonic hydrotherapy clinics and therapists. Col-Flush contains only natural ingredients specially chosen for their ability to support colon cleansing, to help maintain a healthy digestive system and offer gentle constipation relief.

Col-Flush Ultra's combination of special herbal ingredients are traditionally used for their ability to promote intestinal cleansing and digestive transit. This combination of ingredients assists in achieving gentle, overnight relief for healthy intestinal function without other harsh chemical stimulants.

The colon’s prime function in digestion is to extract water from the waste materials passing through it. A fully functioning, healthy colon will normally clear the body of waste two to three times per day, depending on how many meals are eaten. It will also perform the vital function of quickly discharging harmful toxins and other waste materials from the body which, if able to remain, would leave a vulnerability to a variety of health problems, including self-poisoning (through re-absorption of toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream) and digestive system disorders.

A quality natural laxative cleanser can promote the healthy function of the colon, clearing any waste obstructing your passageways. As well as a normal, healthy and properly functioning colon, cleansing your bowels properly may also:

- Support a Weight Loss Program / Prevent Un-Natural Weight Gain - more efficient processing of the food you eat allows all of the nutrients to be utilised, whilst all unnecessary fats get excreted instead of stored. Col-Flush Ultra is an excellent natural laxative to help you lose weight

- Support Nice Healthy Skin - an efficiently functioning colon releases toxins through the bowel instead of through the skin. As the skin is the biggest organ in the body it should be given the protection it deserves.

- Promote Healthy Bacteria Balance - colon cleansing can help separate the good from the bad bacteria as it enters your body. This can be even more effective when combined with the use of probiotics.

- Maintain Healthy Digestive Function - waste can be eliminated as fast and as often as you eat. It can also help to prevent other digestive tract problems, such as irregular bowel movement, stomach pains, acidity, gastritis, and flatulence as well as heartburn, bloating and other symptoms associated with clogged colons.

- Energy and Vitality 
- the excretion of body toxins lowers unnecessary energy waste.

- Healthy Stools - as well as constipation a bunged up colon can cause diarrhea. Constipation can sometimes lead to diarrhea when the colon becomes blocked up. This is because the body compensates for the blockage by adding fluids (usually acidic) to the digested food, allowing new waste being produced to get out of the body by moving around the blockage.

Col-Flush Ultra can be combined with our other digestive system support products, such as probiotics and digestive enzymes. It can also be alternated with COL-Flush Standard. Col-Flush is a mild and gentle cleanser so if you are looking for something a little stronger then why not try LAXPure Rapid.

Col-Flush Ultra is manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice to guarantee the quality and safety of the supplement. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in their most pure and natural form to help cleanse your body as nature intended.

These procedures ensure that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for product quality and safety are being followed. This goes above and beyond what is required so that we can guarantee you receive consistently high-quality products.


Key Benefits

  • Supports daily digestive transit.
  • Powerful yet gentle colon cleanser.
  • Used by colonic hydrotherapists before, during and after treatment.
  • Contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Perfect natural laxative to help lose weight.
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice to guarantee quality & safety.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


1 or 2 capsules, to be taken 1 to 3 times per day or as advised.


Each 780mg proprietary blend vegetarian capsule provides:

Rhubarb Powder
Barberry Powder
Burdock Root Powder
Cayenne Powder
Ginger Root Powder
Rhubarb Root Extract
Fennel Seed Powder
Aloe Vera Extract
Clove Bud Powder
Dandelion Root Extract

Contains NO: Excipients, Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, added Sugar, Additives, Artificial Colourings or Yeast

Other Ingredients: HPMC capsule shell, magnesium stearate (vegetable source)


Always consult your health practitioner before taking nutritional supplements if you are taking medication or are under medical supervision.
Pregnant or lactating mothers should consult a health practitioner before using health supplements.
You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet.
Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
Do not exceed the stated dose unless under instruction from your health practitioner.