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Stone Oil Burner - Carved Leaf
Stone Oil Burner - Carved Leaf
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Stone Oil Burner - Carved Leaf

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The Sandstone Oil Burner is suitable when burning wax melts, or when using essential oils*. This collection of stone oil burners are meticulously hand carved making them a great gift idea for any special occasion. A perfect ornament in any room, as a centre piece or on the mantelpiece.

When Using Essential Oils*

To use essential oils with your burner, place some water in the top bowl, then light a tea-light candle beneath and tip a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the water in the bowl. As the water slowly heats, the fragrance from the essential oil will gently be released into the room.


Essential oils should never be placed directly into the bowl without water as this will cause overheating and can burn the oils.


Be cautious when lighting a candle in the burner, or when placing a lit tea-light inside. Use a mixture of oil and water if burning essential oils. The burner must be set on a heat resistant surface and away from flammable items. Once lit, do not leave unattended and do not move whilst alight. Never allow the oils or melts to boil dry. During use the burner may get hot, so allow it to cool for several minutes before touching. Keep out of the reach of children.

Dimensions : Size: 6.5 x 9 x 6.5cm

Materials: hand carved oil burner from sandstone, brass dish.

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